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tapas and dishes

Discover the essence of Casa Orellana in our menu. A journey through classic Spanish gastronomy that includes tapas, starters and main courses. To snack, you can choose between cold meats, or more traditional options such as pickled tuna Olivier salad or Spanish potato omelette. Follow with mains such as Iberian cheek stew with Don Zoilo, or authentic tripe stew. If you’re more of a fish person, try our scrambled eggs with tuna tartare, or immerse yourself in Andalusian tradition with some delicious fried anchovies


At Casa Orellana, our wine list is a carefully selected collection of labels that we consider extraordinary. We offer you the opportunity to taste wines with a unique personality, coming from very limited productions and made by winemakers whom we deeply admire. Each bottle tells a story of passion and dedication, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of these exclusive wines that reflect the art and excellence of winemaking.


Casa Orellana’s brunch is a fusion of classic and traditional flavors that you can enjoy on weekends and holidays from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Divided into two courses, our brunch offers everything from Antequera muffins, or Iberian shoulder rolls, to Mediterranean options such as hamburgers, salads, and desserts such as pancakes and sautéed French toast. Accompanied by fresh juice, coffee or tea, and pastries. In Casa Orellana, brunch is more than a meal… We invite you to enjoy this experience in the heart of the capital.


At Casa Orellana we take care of groups that choose to celebrate with us. For them we have prepared a careful selection of menus that allow you to enjoy the exquisite gastronomy of Casa Orellana in company.

These menus include the dishes that most represent the restaurant, such as croquettes, scrambled eggs with tuna or steak tartare, or tupinambo chips, and can be adapted to each occasion. All menus can be adapted to the needs of your event.