Flamenquito evenings: the best plan for a Saturday in Madrid

November 30, 2023

Casa Orellana restaurant, located in the heart of Madrid, in the Salesas neighborhood, offers the best Saturday evening plan in the capital. Embracing its traditional roots, the restaurant combines live music with classic cuisine and an extensive drink menu (wine, beer, or vermouth).

We believe that flamenco is the musical genre most associated with and representative of Spanish culture, making it our choice for the evenings. With a classic atmosphere featuring live flamenquito in the background, classic tapas, and a wide selection of wines. Is there a better way to enjoy Madrid?

Come and enjoy live flamenco

In Casa Orellana we understands the challenge of choosing amongst countless things to do in Madrid. Hence, we’ve created a unique proposal that uniquely associates with the restaurant, embracing its traditional and castizo essence.

In our proposal we elevate the “tardeo” experience, putting together Spanish tradition with a passion for music and homemade gastronomy. In a bustling city, finding bars with live flamenco can be a challenge, but in honor of the rich Spanish tradition, we have made this musical genre an integral part of our Saturday afternoon proposal.

Together with flamenco we offer traditional gastronomy presented in tapas or portions, offering a plan that blends culture and cuisine. In Casa Orellana we believe we’ve crafted the perfect “tardeo” experience for Saturday evenings in Madrid. Can there be a better proposal for Saturday afternoon in Madrid? We do not think so. We have selected the perfect tardeo.

A plan where great food and live music come together.

At Casa Orellana, in addition to enjoying live flamenco guitar, you can also complement this experience with carefully crafted homemade dishes. We are fans of our gastronomy, which is why we believe the best way to support it is by offering it in our menu. Our menu includes tapas and portions, such as oxtail croquettes, Cadiz-style shrimp omelet, or Cantabrian anchovies with artisanal butter. We also offer sweet options like chocolate cream, Payoyo cheesecake, being torrija with nougat ice cream our choice of preference.

Our drink menu is equally impressive. We offer a selection of labels which mean a lot to us, so our customers can enjoy personality-filled wines, produced in very limited quantities and crafted by winemakers we admire. Within this menu, we also provide options such as house vermouth, Victoria beer, and cocktails. If you’re wondering what to do in Madrid on Saturday mornings, we also offer brunch to complete the experience at Casa Orellana.

Check out our complete menu HERE.

What is “tardeo” in Madrid?

In Spain, we love to enjoy free time together, leading to the popularity of plans like “tapeo” or afterworks in recent years. “Tardeo” has become an increasingly popular trend in Madrid, a vibrant and energetic city where even during Covid-19, venues found ways to continue enjoying city life while respecting the limitations and associated restrictions that came with the pandemic.

During those challenging times for individuals and businesses, Madrid stood out as one of the few cities where hospitality remained open. The city’s residents, in a gesture of solidarity, supported restaurant owners, keeping bars and restaurants alive. “Tardeo” emerged as a clever response to this situation, allowing people to enjoy the evening together without having to return home later than midnight, given certain restrictions like curfews during that period.

Tardeo” is a more relaxed version of afterwork, although they are quite similar. It was originally focused on weekend plans after lunch and before dinner, aiming to spend enjoyable moments in bars or restaurants that typically offer tapas, wine, cocktails, or vermouth. However, nowadays, you can enjoy “tardeo” any day of the week. In Madrid, it’s very trendy because as a phenomenon it has conquered major cities, becoming an ideal way to savor the best of Madrid’s lifestyle.

The growing popularity of “tardeo” is connected to our social nature. We seek afternoon fun in Madrid but in a much more laid-back manner. “Tardeo” provides a quieter alternative to a night out, perfect for those who want to enjoy plans in Madrid without the night dragging on for too long. Although, anything can happen between one drink and the next.

We look forward to having you!

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